Why Benchmark

Benchmark’s main principles of business are customer service, on-time delivery, ease of installation and quality construction.

We Build Quality

Using our modern systems and equipment, Benchmark can produce casework at a very competitive cost and we frequently win many hard-bid projects. However, we will not do whatever it takes to get to the absolute lowest cost. Our products are designed and built to take abuse and last a long time. We sweat the details and know from experience what details cannot be cheapened. Quality is a given.




Quality is a given for Benchmark. We design and construct our casework to be ergonomic, sturdy, beautiful and long lasting. We will not cut corners. Whether constructed from natural wood, engineered wood products or man-made materials our products are built to withstand years of hard use.

<h3>Customer Service</h3>

Customer Service

In this era of ever decreasing construction time, ever increasing quality expectations and higher costs, we know that our contractors are under a lot of pressure to please their customers. We want to do everything we can to help. We strive to work in a collaborative manner. We will work with your staff, the architect and the Owner to solve any problem issues, produce quality shop drawings, field measure quickly, organize our shipments and be responsive to calls and the need for information. If you know what you want or a certain look that you want to achieve, but aren’t sure how to build it, we can help. With our experienced team, there are few issues we haven’t seen before.



Casework installation is always one of the last tasks in any modern construction project. Because of this fact, there is little time to make up for any lost time. We always keep this in mind and take schedules very seriously. There are so many phases of every casework project (shop drawings, material procurement, field measuring, production, delivery, field measuring, and counter tops). We will work through all these phases with your team and deliver when promised.

<h3>Ease of Installation</h3>

Ease of Installation

We have been told by many of our contractor clients that our cabinets are easier to organize, easier to install and require less man-hours to complete.